Thursday, May 10, 2012

Triangle II - A Bass Monster and more!

I didn't have to think alot about which VST I want to present to you in the first Post of this Blog, because there is really only one music software companion, which was so VERY usefull from the start for my Digital Music Production. It is the Triangle II which was released by RGC Audio and is now on the Cakewalk site for any reason. I like the Triangle II especially for FAT Bass and used it a lot for my (Dub) Reggae productions. But it is also usefull for any other kind of Music, such as Techno and Electronica. The first presets of the VST really tell that this Synth is ideal for creating Bass. The Bass Controls at the left bottom of the interface are your way to create a real Monster Bass, from mighty Subbass to crunchy Techno Style. Just another bass VST? No, there is a lot more: Once you hear the Presets after the 26th one, you will enter the domain of total synth madness and will hear what this VST is able to do. For legal reasons, I refrain from copying the technical specs of the VST to this Blog, but you can easily read them on the Cakewalk product description site. Stability and Quality: The Triangle II is one of the few VSTs that never crashed my DAW and never caused any problems. The Interface is clean but for beginners a bit hard to get into. There's just too many knobs to learn about what they do. The Triangle II runs smoothly even on ancient Computers. I think I remember, that it even did it's job quite well on my old Pentium II 233 Mhz. Multiple instances running at the same time are also causing no problems. Conclusion: The Triangle II is an indispensable Tool in my sound arsenal and should be part of any serious VST collection. CLICK HERE TO GET THE TRIANGLE II VST !!!

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