Monday, May 21, 2012

Absolutely no knobs, but great sound - Goldentine by Safwan Matni

Once again I feature a small but great Synthesizer VST by Safwan Matni. And because this plugin has absolutely NO settings, this will most probably become the shortest description of a VST so far. I am talking about Goldentine, a plugin which does not look like it has much to offer if you first look at it. There is a picture of a golden table fork... yeah, and that's it. But there's more than you would expect in this VST. It is the best simulation of an E-Piano I have heared so far. What I like about Goldentine is the unexpected variations of sound it is able to produce. Depending on the velocity  it sounds from silk soft to solid like steel. The lower tones sound smoky and earthy while the higher tones sound bell-like. I used Goldentine myself in some of my productions and each time it sounded great. Listen to my Song "Gettin' Old" to hear Goldentine in action.

Quality: I am not using Goldentine for such a long time like most of the other plugins I featured in this Blog so far but long enough so I can say, that this VST is absolutely stable. It did never cause any problems. It is also very memory saving and doesn't cause a big CPU load. Goldentine should also be able to run on very ancient PCs.

Conclusion: Goldentine surprises with a absolutely authentic sound and a soundvariety, which one would not expect from a VST with absolutely no knobs and controlers to fiddle around. A must have!


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