Monday, May 14, 2012

Taurus - A legendary Basssound!

Being a fan of the rockband Rush, I came across the sound of the legendary Basssynthesizer Moog Taurus quite early. My first album by Rush was the album "Moving Pictures" from 1981. And that album was strongly influenced by the sound of the Moog Taurus. That sound fascinated me since I heared it for the first time because of it's powerfull characteristics. When a friend of mine told me a time ago, that there is a VST developer at Smartelectronix, who developed a free VST replica of the Moog Taurus, I was kind of sceptic first. Would that VST be able to really reproduce the sound of the original. The first preset gave a definitive answer, and that answer was YES! If one plays that preset, one hears exactly the same sound which one knows from the intro of "Tom Sawyer", the first track on the album "Moving Pictures". The setting possibilities are exactly the same as on the original Synthsizer. The operating is not unneccessary complicated. Despite the simple user interface, the Taurus is able to produce a big variety of sounds.

Quality: Little RAM usage, small CPU load, no problems with multiple instances. The Taurus didn't crash or cause any other problems ever.

Conclusion: This is a Plugin which should be in every collection of Vintage Synthesizer VST Replicas. The sound is deliberate synthetic and is immitating the original directly. Who is looking for sounds of real String Basses, will not be happy with the Taurus. But if you are looking for the 70s and 80s Synthbass, you will love the Taurus.


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