Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yes, this Blog is quite young and it may seem weird to apply changes to the basic concept that early. On the other hand it is never to early to take corrective action, if long term problems with a concept appear. Let's get to the point: Because of current personal problems I recognized, that I cannot keep up with the original concept of posting one post per day. Yesterday, for example, I wrot no posting, and that was because... well I simple have problems currently. Therefore I want to change the concept in the following way: I wll TRY to post one posting per day. But this can also mean, that there will be no new stuff for several days. If I would follow the original concept, I would chain myself to the computer and I would promise to post in whatever (personal) situation I am. That's impossible.

But there are also positive ideas, I want to tell you about. Some of you asked me via mail, if I could release some special, selfmade presetbanks for free VSTs. I will spend some time at one of the upcomming weekends, and see what I can do. Please understand that I will not publish the presetbanks I use myself, because I don't want to hear my distinctive sounds in songs of other artists.

Others asked me, if I want to publish FL Studio Tutorials on Youtube, in which I show how to build a song with free VSTs only or a tutorial on how to do a Reggae song in FL Studio. Friends: That's a lot of work, but I'll see what I can do.

Please keep sending those suggestions and ideas. It all ends up on the big list... and will be forgotten ;) Just kidding! I will check the feasibility of each suggestion and will do the feasable stuff as soon as possible. End of transmission. Let's get back to the free audio software.

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