Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here we go!

Welcome to alionsonny's Audio Arsenal. As a musician, I used a lot of Audio Software in the course of time and I found out, that there is a lot of Audio Software available for free on the Web. No, I am not talking about illegal virus infected stuff which will most probably turn your Computer into just another Zombie infested with loads of Trojans and Virusses. I am talking about legal free Software, mainly VST Plugins. And in the course of time, I found out that there is allmost no reason why to use any commercial non-free products. There is such a huge ammount of free Audio Software out there and it is really able to compete with the more or less expensive commercial products. Over the years of working in digital audio production, I collected a vast collection of free VST Plugins and Audio Editing Tools and many fellow musicians asked me again and again to send them a list of all that free stuff, which I surely did. Then I had the idea to simply set up a Blog, and one by one present the gems of my collection and each and every free Audio Software I find on the web there. STOP: I will not really present each and every Tool or VST here, but just those, which I find usefull and of which I think, that they are able to compete with the commercial products. So you will find no non-functioning, badly coded, allways crashing Tools here. just quality Tools, that I use myself in my productions. If there are any, I will also describe pitfalls and shortcomings of any particular Tool. And I will, of cause, also tell you what is great. So, have a nice stay and visit this place often. I will present at least one free Audio Software product per day.

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