Saturday, March 23, 2013

On my own behalf, March 23rd 2013

Dear readers of the Audio Arsenal, I am excited about all the public interest in that blog. first I thought, that I could abandon this blog quite quickly, because there are so many blogs out there on the topic and I am also not one of the most busiest bloggers in the blogosphere. The success told me a different story. Out of all blogs, including those of my music projects, the statistics of the Audio Arsenal are the best ones.

To reflect that success and to reward your loyality, I decided to enhance, extend and generally improve this blog. Of great help in this task is your feedback and the many inspiring mails I received. One of the most stated wishes is, that I should incorporate even more personal tips for VSTs, such as prefered parameter settings etc. This will take place in the future wherever possible. You will understand, that this will be allmost mission impossible with a VST with x-thousand parameters. But wherever possible, I will tell you my prefered settings from now on. The same goes for the detailed description of the components of the graphical user interface of a particular VST. In the case of a small plugin with a handfull of parameters, I will with pleasure describe to you what all of the knobs do. This can, as demanded by not just a few of you, lead to a complete handbook/manual for a particular VST. But if a VST has more than, let's say, 100 parameters, it is not very probably, that I want to describe them all. I know that most free VSTs come with no manual at all, which makes them close to unusable for novice VST users. I want to help you there wherever possible, but please understand that it can be just too much to cover.

Another request is for tutorials, especially video tutorials. Know what? This is allready on my agenda. Because most of the readers of this blog are FL Studio users at all, I do not have to think about people not being able to follow my tutorials because of a different DAW. The planned tutorials will be dealing with different core aspects of digital music production, partly FL Studio specific and partly not. Using these tutorials, I will give you a even deeper glimpse into my everyday studio work and also share one or the other "secret tip".

You see: It goes on. Thanks for your confidence and interest. I will not disapoint you :)

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