Friday, September 14, 2012

Simply moogish - Micromoon by Elektrostudio

Those who know my sound, especially on the album "Electronic Spacerock" but also from the Willma Poppen project, know that the one thing I like especially when it comes to VST Synthesizers is replicas of analog synthesizers by Moog. Quite some time has passed, since the only way to get a moogish sound on a computer were the (my opinion) rather expensive products by Arturia. Today the internet is literally bursting of digital clones of, for example, the Minimoog, Moog Modular  etc. Analogue synthesizer emulations are en vogue these day.

Being overwhelmed by the shere number of analogue modeling VSTs one could easily miss the Micromoon by the polish developers Elektrostudio... what happened to me, to be honest, for quite a time. Today I view the Micromoon as a reliable, ressource friendly and easy to use partner when it comes to the synthesis of of epic analogues style sounds. If I should pick only one of the outstanding features of that Synth, it would be indeed the ease of use. You do not have to fiddle around with dozens of parameters so this synthesizer gives a good sound. Just a few things have to be set and you are on your way. Still there are enough possibilities to satisfy passionated knob fiddlers and sound architects. Another thing I recognized at the Micromoon right from the start, was the nice warm and powerfull sound it delivers. This is no typical small squeaky softsynth where you have to blow up the sound using external effects to use it. This synth delivers pure power all by itself. Another nice feature is the ribbon controller, which is real fun, especially when used with propper MIDI controllers. The only thing one could find not so good at the Micromoon is, that it is monophonic. So it is not really suited for thundering supersaw chord orgies. HINT FOR FL STUDIO USERS: Layer channels fix this, as the Micromoon is absolutely ressource friendly and able to run in multiple instances in a DAW. I use the Micromoon, for example in the latest Willma Poppen releases, for the purpose it was created for: Bass and lead sounds. And here it does a marvellous job. The Micromoon ships with a small but great selection of presets, which serve as a great starting point for own sound engineering.

CONCLUSION: Ressource friendly, absolutely stable, multi instance use is no problem (I tested it with up to 30 instances running simultaneously), easy to understand and use, great warm and powerfull sound. A absolute must have not only for analogue synth enthusiasts.

Micromoon is part of the great Oryg 10 Analog Pack and can be downloaded from the website of Elektro Studio. CLICK HERE!

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