Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GreenMachine Amp - Everything a guitarplayer needs!

After I presented the Extremist VST some time ago, some folks asked me on Facebook etc., if I knew about a real great Amp Simulation VST, of cause a free one. And of cause I know some. Today I want to feature the one plugin of that kind, which was the most fun for me to work with. This means, all other free Amp Simulation VSTs had their weak spots. At GreenMachine, on the other hand, I had never the feeling that something was missing or didn't work as I expected. It is a solid piece of software, which has features, for which you have to pay a lot if you use GuitarRig etc.

To describe all features of this plugin in detail would really be too much for a blog posting. But every guitar player who plugged an electric guitar into a quality amplifier should be able to grasp the GreenMachine intuitively. Of cause GreenMachine offers all a standard Amp or Amp Simulation has to offer and a lot more.

Quality: GreenMachine is a very old plugin and a former commercial product which was set free by it's programmers some time ago. Because of that there's no support for GreenMachine. But you will not need any support at all. The extensive PDF manual tells it all. The GUI is not TOO clean but well arranged and should be easy to grasp for even semi experienced musiciens. The plugin did never crash, and is RAM and CPU friendly. Multiple instances in one DAW? Are you crazy? Why should one need to run multiple Amp Simulations simultaneously? Seriously: I never did that ;)

Conclusion: GreenMachine is in my opinion todays best free Amp Simulation for guitar and bass. If you want to play and record guitar with your computer and don't want to pay a cent, GreenMachine is your choice. For guitar- and bassplayers a must have!

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