Friday, March 7, 2014

Tone2 Firebird - The only VST synthesizer you really need!

The Firebird with my favorite skin
After a long time I 'm writing in this blog again. Yeah, my other projects keep me quite busy ;). And this time I present a real pearl amongst the free synthesizer VSTs. And as already announced in the title of this post, this should not be missing in any VST collection. I personally use this synthesizer recently very often, especially for my project "Willma Poppen" . If you want to hear an example, in which I make excessive use of the Firebird and its many possibilities, please listen, for example, to my latest production "Blauer Montag". But also in my other projects there is for quite some time hardly a piece for which the Firebird was not used. The possibilities of this synth allow to use it for virtually all styles of music.

My absolute favorite features of the Firebird include the huge amount of filters (altogether 38 types), and in particular the "M-Shape Filter". Especially to those of you, who always wanted to create those nice rough and screaming filter experiments, I strongly recommend this filter. But beware: A limiter is recommended for virtually all sound experiments of this kind, but especially here. And the usual basic EQ settings which avoid extremely low and high frequencies should also not be forgotten. But to which serious sound fiddlers do I really have tell this? ;) .

The user interface can be described justifiably as innovative. At the first glance the interface looks pretty simple, but hidden under the hood there are truly inexhaustible possibilities for any form of sound design. Many effects which require quite complex settings in other synthesizers can be very easily and intuitively be achieved with the Firebird, such as a vast variety of modulation effects. The Firebird offers a perfect starting point for every level of skills and you can then, just as you like, dive deeper into the sound fiddeling. For the pure preset user, the 437 factory presets already offer a nice sound arsenal. But I tell you: You will definitely start to experiment, because, as I said, the innovative user interface will seduce you to do so. Since I usually love to put every single note carefully by hand, arpeggiators are usually now something that I look back at with a nostalgic smile ;). But the arpeggiator of the Firebird drives me recently, at least at the beginning of a production, to use it. Together with the already mentioned various modulation options, your absolutely unique groove is just a few clicks away.

One of the absolutely baffling key features of the Firebird is, in my opinion, its absolute resource friendliness. Particularly with several automated parameters, most powerful synthesizer VSTs force even the strongest studio computer mercilessly to its knees. Not so the Firebird. I've actually, even with many automated parameters, never managed to get my studio computer to a huge CPU usage. This also applies to multiple instances of Firebird in a song project. Yes, and the Firebird is also 100% multi instance capable. Whereas other synthesizers often reveal funky side effects when using multiple instances, I never had any with this VST. Also the stability is top notch. I have not experienced a crash of the plugin, a freezing DAW or other well known and feared effects.

If you want a complete overview of the features of this masterpiece, you find a detailed list on the Firebird website, linked below. I have used the Firebird in FL Studio 10 and 11. I can not say anything about the usability in other DAWs .

Click here for the website of the Firebird with a detailed description and the download link.

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